Employee Mobility and Trade Secrets

Almost every company has something to protect and maintain as secret.  And all of those companies must disclose those assets and secrets and formulae to their employees.  Every company is looking for skilled knowledgeable employees.  And more than ever before, employees are willing to move from job to job.  This environment creates risks. When an 

Internet Agreements

It goes without saying that e-commerce continues to gain dominance in the commercial marketplace. Contracting through the Internet creates a number of challenges that are not present with paper-based signed agreements. We can help you maneuver through this complex “web” to our significant experience in this area. Our services include drafting and negotiating Web development 

License and Assignment Agreements

Leveraging your intellectual property assets can be a valuable component of your business success. Our team of lawyers has significant experience with regard to licensing arrangements involving patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and software and technology. We are able to offer our insight as to critical provisions to include in your agreements, as well as 

Technology and Related Commercial Agreements

Benefiting from the fruits of your labor by bringing the same to market, or contracting to utilize the products or technology of others, is typically central to your business success. Our attorneys have substantial experience with regard to various technology agreements and related commercial agreements. We can assist with drafting and negotiation of development agreements, 

Domain Names

While registering domain names is a simple process that you would normally handle yourself, we are able to assist you if complications materialize. Occasionally disputes arise involving domain names, and when that happens we can utilize our experience in resolving the same, including through administrative methods such as are available through ICANN, and where necessary, 

Trade Secrets

Trade secret laws provide another way to protect a business’ valuable intellectual capital.  Generally speaking, trade secret protections are available for any information that is secret, that derives value from being secret, and that has been the subject of reasonable efforts by the trade secret holder to maintain the secrecy.  Trade secret misappropriation refers to 


Your authorship of creative and original works provides you with valuable copyrights. While many copyright registrations are straightforward and it is more efficient for you to handle those yourself, other types of registrations (e.g., to protect certain databases or websites) are sometimes complex. We can assist you with the registration process in the United States 


Our trademark attorneys are able to assist you with all aspects of trademark protection. If you are having trouble selecting a trademark, or finding one that is likely to be enforceable, we can help you with brand selection and screening that selection to avoid issues with other trademarks. Protecting your valuable trademarks by registering them 


Patents are important strategic tools in today’s business environment; and understanding patents has never been more important.  Our patent attorneys make it their business to understand patents and welcome the opportunity to assist our clients in virtually all aspects of patent law across a wide range of technology spaces. Our patent attorneys can help you 

IP Portfolio Structuring and Audits

It is important for business owners to maximize the value of their intellectual property assets. We can assist with helping you properly structure your IP portfolio so that you have a beneficial mix of IP assets. We also cannot it your IP portfolio to help you determine IP assets that I no longer beneficial for 

Intellectual Property Litigation

Technology and business leaders routinely turn to Sheehan Phinney’s Intellectual Property Litigation Group to protect their intellectual property and technology rights. Our group has extensive experience enforcing our clients’ interests in a variety of IP disciplines, including: Patent Litigation In a high stakes patent litigation, the future of a company may lie in the balance.  Clients 

Sheehan Start-Up Team

For more than seventy-five years Sheehan Phinney has been committed to the local entrepreneurial and business community. In furtherance of that commitment, we have developed the Sheehan Start-Up Team to help early-stage companies with growth potential obtain basic corporate and intellectual property legal services at no cost or at reduced cost. Participants in the Sheehan 

Affordable Housing

Sheehan Phinney provides developers and owners of affordable housing projects with a broad spectrum of services relating to acquisition, development, investment, financing, and operation of affordable housing projects. Our attorneys are experienced in affordable housing development financed through multiple revenue sources, including the purchase and sale of nine percent (9%) and four percent (4%) tax 

Data Breach

Sheehan Phinney provides comprehensive advice to its clients to minimize the risk of a data breach including how to manage electronic data and implement recognized best practices. When a breach occurs, we efficiently and effectively handle all aspects of sending notifications to affected individuals across the country, regulators, and credit bureaus. Leveraging our Lex Mundi 

Electronic Discovery

Sheehan Phinney’s team of experienced discovery lawyers and professionals handles sophisticated electronic discovery projects for clients nationwide.  The team employs cutting-edge technology to capture data and mine it efficiently to perform early case analysis so that critical decisions can be made as early as possible. Discovery projects are efficiently managed to find the most important 

Sports & Entertainment

The Sheehan Phinney Sports & Entertainment Group represents professional sports franchises, team owners and ownership groups, managers and management groups, as well as talent agencies, and individual athletes and coaches. We also represent a number of authors, musicians, filmmakers, television producers, and artists, and the investor groups, equity funds, financial institutions and other entities related 


In today’s global economy, U.S. businesses draw from an international pool of talented individuals to fill temporary or permanent positions in the United States and remain competitive in their industries. This global perspective extends beyond the boardroom. For U.S. colleges and universities and healthcare institutions, access to international student populations and foreign healthcare workers continues 

Communication & Broadcasting

Communications and broadcasting is an amalgamation of old and new technologies. While broadcast radio has been around for nearly a century and television for more than 60 years, the face of communications and broadcasting is a constantly changing one. The market has seen many changes and technology continues to develop and redefine the field. For 

Education Law

The needs of educational institutions, both private and public, are many. From land acquisition to contracts, human resources to endowments and many more issues, schools are constantly dealing with issues that require counsel who understand and have experience handling the numerous variables involved in running a successful institution. The Education Practice Group at Sheehan Phinney 


Corporate law requires a broad range of interdisciplinary skills: knowing the laws governing formation and operation of business entities, and rights and obligations of managers and owners; knowledge of securities laws that dictate how ownership is distributed and capital raised; managing negotiated acquisitions, whether by asset sale, share sale or merger; shaping the characteristics of 

Non-Profit, Charitable & Religious Institutions

The Non-Profit, Charitable & Religious Institutions Group at Sheehan Phinney regularly represents non-profit organizations of all kinds—from large universities and small foundations to museums and churches. We also form and represent non-charitable not-for-profit organizations, including trade associations and medical service companies. The laws regulating not-for-profit, religious, educational, health care and charitable organizations range from constitutional 


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While condominiums were originally designed as an alternative to single family cooperative residential housing, they have evolved into an effective planning vehicle to separately finance portions of commercial projects. We represent numerous developers of affordable housing projects in structuring their projects to maximize potential for sources of financing. Key Matters: Represented affordable housing project developers 

Workouts Foreclosures & Loan Purchases

Many of the attorneys in this group were actively involved in workouts and foreclosures in the recession of the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. We understand the dynamics of loan workouts and the nuances of foreclosures and deeds in lieu of foreclosure. It is imperative that the lender has a full understanding of the defects 

Commercial Leasing

Experience and general knowledge of the market is critical when it comes to commercial leasing. The shifts between a landlord and a tenant market occur frequently, and therefore, strongly influence lease negotiations. We routinely represent landlords and tenants and understand the leasing marketplace and the nuances relating to the leasing of office, retail, and other 

Business Lending

We have substantial experience representing banks on C&I and Asset Based loans and routinely represent businesses with respect to their loan facilities (including lines of credit). Key Matters: Represented the collateral agent for $150,000,000 facility for vehicle financing. Represented a national bank in an $18,000,000 facility to a publicly traded company in the business of 

Real Estate Lending

The attorneys in our group have a long history representing borrowers and a variety of lending institutions in connection with construction loans, permanent loans (including conduit loans), bridge loans, mezzanine loans and debt purchases. We have also represented investment banks, traditional banks, affordable housing lenders and corporate lenders. Key Matters: Represent a national affordable housing 

Acquisition & Sales

We have significant experience representing a broad array of owners and buyers in connection with acquisitions and sales. We represent real estate developers, investment companies, educational institutions, hospitals and businesses. Key Matters: Represented a state governmental agency in its acquisition of the Pease Air Force Base in New Hampshire from the United States. This was 

Development & Construction

Taking a real estate project from its conception through completion involves close cooperation among property owners/developers, commercial lenders, engineers, architects, and contractors, as well as among the municipalities and neighbors where the project is based. Each participant’s role must be defined. Sheehan Phinney has earned a solid reputation for its ability to bring these groups 

ERISA & Retirement

Sheehan Phinney offers a broad range of services pertaining to tax-preferred retirement plans and ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act). We consult with clients in the drafting, implementation and administration of retirement plans and arrangements. In addition, we help clients with their regulatory and litigation matters under ERISA, as well as other dealings with government 

Environmental & Energy Litigation

Sheehan Phinney’s Environmental Litigation group complements our full service environmental practice, representing governmental and municipal entities as well as private commercial clients in assisting their compliance with federal, state, and municipal environmental regulations, and, when necessary, defending clients against adverse actions taken by regulatory bodies, or in third party actions implicating environmental concerns. We have 

Zoning, Planning & Land Use

Sheehan Phinney’s experienced team of land use attorneys counsel clients before Planning Boards, Conservation Commissions, Zoning Boards of Adjustment, Boards of Selectmen, City Councils, and Aldermanic Boards in cities and towns across New England and are recognized for their ability to handle the complicated and frequently contentious issues in this ever-changing practice area. Our experience 

Tax Litigation

Although most tax-related disputes are resolved by negotiated settlement. Some of the more difficult cases can only be resolved through litigation. Sheehan Phinney’s experienced tax attorneys are well-versed in the mediation, arbitration, and litigation of all types of tax controversies, from individual tax disputes with the IRS, to large corporate deficiency cases. Our knowledgeable attorneys 

Shareholder Disputes

Businesses with multiple shareholders or controlling members face unique challenges when those stakeholders have different ideas as to how their business should operate, spend capital, or make critical business decisions. Sheehan Phinney’s Shareholder/Member Dispute attorneys specialize in all matters related to stakeholder disputes and claims, including: Breaches of fiduciary duty Minority shareholder rights Partner rights 

Professional Liability

For many years, Sheehan Phinney has defended law firms, physician groups, medical practices, hospitals, insurance agencies, real estate agencies, accounting firms, and other organizations faced with professional liability issues. We regularly counsel business professionals and management teams about liability risks and potential exposures within their industries, and we recognize that when faced with a professional 

Insurance Defense

Sheehan Phinney is a recognized leader in the insurance defense arena.  We have a strong reputation for our willingness to take cases to trial, and aggressively defending against specious and opportunistic tort, personal injury, and malpractice claims.  Our Insurance Defense Group regularly represents our insurance clients on cases involving: Property, fire, and casualty claims Construction 

Healthcare Litigation

Sheehan Phinney’s Health Care Litigation Group concentrates on protecting the interests of our healthcare clients involved in commercial litigation, internal audits, criminal investigations, and civil and regulatory enforcement actions.  Our attorneys have a broad and comprehensive understanding of the regulatory environment in which our clients operate.  We provide comprehensive representation to health systems, hospitals, physician 

Consumer Protection

Even in the rough and tumble world of commerce, sharp business practices can cross the line and become actionable conduct.  Whether through false or misleading advertising, fraud, misrepresentation, improper use of trademarks, trade names, or designations of origin, price fixing or bait and switch marketing, the use of unfair and deceptive trade practices can adversely 

Complex Litigation

Sheehan Phinney’s Complex Litigation Group handles class action, mass tort, and multi-district litigation cases of regional and national significance on behalf of clients from a broad array of industries. Often, in these complicated “bet the company” litigations, a combination of law and science provides the path to victory, whether through settlement or by verdict at 

Appellate Litigation

The Sheehan Phinney Appellate Litigation Group represents clients from a broad array of industries in commercial appeals in both the federal and state appellate courts.  We handle appeals both in cases where we have litigated the dispute from the outset and in cases where we are retained to take over a case from another lawyer 


In today’s competitive business environment, businesses regularly confront challenges posed by both existing and new marketplace competitors.  Sometimes, competitors cross a line, either by their own actions, or by accusing you of engaging in improper commercial activity.  Meanwhile, as competition grows in the global economy, laws governing competition and competitive practices continue to develop and 

Mediation & Arbitration

Most civil cases are resolved without trial, either though mediation, arbitration, or some other form of alternative dispute resolution. For the Sheehan Phinney Business Litigation Group, alternative dispute resolution is a daily practice, and there is no substitute for this wealth of experience. We know that the party who is best prepared and follows the smartest strategy often 

Business Formation & Succession Planning

Sheehan Phinney has developed extensive expertise in identifying the proper entity for business and investment activities, and in assisting clients in the orderly transfer of ownership, whether within a family unit, among employees or to new investors or operators. Successful entity planning requires a multi-disciplinary approach, applying sophisticated income and estate tax analysis, an advanced 

Private Companies

Sheehan Phinney attorneys practicing in the Private Companies and Professional Practices Group represent a wide variety of private companies, including closely-held, entrepreneurial and family-owned businesses, as well as professional practices such as physicians, dentists, architects, accountants, engineers, and other professionals. Our attorneys regularly address such matters as: Entity Formation and Governance Business tax and succession 

Securities & Venture Capital

Private company clients include startup, early-stage, mid-stage and later-stage issuers, raising capital in “friends and family,” angel, traditional venture capital and syndicated private offerings of equity and debt securities. For all these transactions, new and growing companies need a law firm that can provide them with their best options. Sheehan Phinney’s Securities and Venture Capital 

International Contracts

Sheehan Phinney’s International Group offers a full range of legal services to clients engaged in international commerce. The group focuses on helping clients maximize the benefits of participating in the global marketplace, while avoiding the pitfalls of international trade. As an added benefit to clients, Sheehan Phinney is an exclusive member of Lex Mundi, the 


The practices of Sheehan Phinney attorneys in the Tax Group encompass nearly all aspects of federal, international, state and local tax planning and consulting, representation in administrative tax controversies and legislative tax matters, and tax litigation in federal and state courts. While some members’ practices are devoted exclusively to tax matters, other attorneys practice in 

Mergers & Acquisitions

Some of the region’s most well-respected attorneys are members of Sheehan Phinney Mergers and Acquisitions Group. Representing a wide variety of both private and public companies in business combinations and divestitures, our M&A attorneys are skilled in conducting regional, national and international transactions. We count manufacturing, software development, computer hardware, temporary staffing, medical services, healthcare, 

Commercial Contracts

Clients regularly turn to Sheehan Phinney to guide them through the range of issues that arise when they enter into commercial relationships with parties across the country and around the world. Whether the matter is a simple supply agreement or a long-term distribution agreement, Sheehan Phinney attorneys have the skills and experience to help craft 

Distressed Assets

Sheehan Phinney’s Distressed Assets Group, formed in response to the current global economic condition, focuses on real estate and commercial loan workouts and loan purchase and sales. With experience that dates back to the recession of the late 1980s and early 1990s, this group is comprised of experienced real estate, bankruptcy, and litigation attorneys. We 

Construction Litigation

From contract negotiation to final completion, Sheehan Phinney attorneys have extensive experience representing owners, developers, contractors, subcontractors and design professionals in all facets of a construction project throughout New England and beyond. Because we believe that solutions are framed by the reality of what is on the ground, we offer a practical approach to the 

Employment Based Immigration

In today’s global economy, U.S. businesses draw from an international pool of talented individuals to fill temporary or permanent positions in the United States and remain competitive in their industries. This global perspective extends beyond the boardroom. For U.S. colleges and universities and healthcare institutions, access to international student populations and foreign healthcare workers continues 

Labor & Employment Litigation

Sheehan Phinney’s Labor and Employment Litigation group complements our full service Labor and Employment practice area, which assists employers in all areas of industry and commerce in effectively managing their increasingly complex range of workplace issues.  If and when claims do occur, however, the Labor and Employment litigation group seamlessly transitions in to aggressively defend