Practice AreaCommunication & Broadcasting

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Communications and broadcasting is an amalgamation of old and new technologies. While broadcast radio has been around for nearly a century and television for more than 60 years, the face of communications and broadcasting is a constantly changing one. The market has seen many changes and technology continues to develop and redefine the field. For those looking for their best shot at being successful, it is important to work with a firm with an intricate understanding and up-to-date knowledge of regulations.

From the representation of large, publicly traded broadcasting companies, to serving as general counsel to one of the largest privately owned radio station groups, to assisting small market operators in the sale of their stations, the lawyers in Sheehan Phinney’s Communications and Broadcasting practice area have engaged in all areas of communications and broadcasting representation.

We have negotiated sales and acquisitions of radio and television stations, advised clients involved in the raising of capital from private investors, venture capital companies and institutional lenders, negotiated and prepared tower leases, and advised operators in connection with issues arising in the day-to-day operation of stations. Through our close relationship with counsel in Washington, DC, we are able to provide clients with the skills and expertise needed to navigate through the regulatory maze of the Federal Communications Commission and coordinate the filings required by the FCC. The result is the efficient serving of clients’ needs through experienced and knowledgeable counsel.

Key Cases:

  • Counsel to numerous regional and national radio broadcast companies (Great Eastern Radio, Vox Radio Group, Vox AM/FM, Gamma Broadcasting, Hoosie AM/FM, Long Point Communications, Vertical Capital, Nantucket Radio, Border Broadcasting) in all aspects of their financing, acquisitio0n and sale of stations.
  • Counsel to broadcast companies involved in development and lease of broadcast towers.
  • Counsel to POP Radio, LP in purchase of division of NewsCorp.
  • Counsel to POP Radio, LP in purchase of IN-state Broadcasting network
  • Counsel to New Hampshire Public Broadcasting, NH’s public television station.
  • Counsel to Manchester Public TV