An Internet Discussion Group for New Hampshire’s Human Resources Professionals

Welcome to NHLABORNET, the online discussion group for human resources professionals in New Hampshire (and beyond). NHLABORNET was created and is maintained by Sheehan Phinney. It is a free service. This is a list-serve, email-based, discussion group which was designed to facilitate discussions and information exchanges between NHLABORNET members (a/k/a “Netters”). These discussions include a wide variety of human resources and workplace topics such as recent developments in employment law, proposed legislation and regulations, interpretations of state and local laws, sharing sample policies, discussing best practices, posting HR position vacancies and other announcements of interest in the field of human resources. NHLABORNET differs from other online services in that it is free, there are no advertisements and posts are to and from HR professionals who work in a wide variety of organizations.

This listserve has been in existence for 25 years and has over 1,800 active members, several of whom are located outside of New Hampshire. 

Joining NHLABORNET is easy. All you need is an email address and a willingness to abide by the simple rules of the discussion group. Please see “Application and Rules”. Failure to comply with the rules can result in removal from NHLABORNET.

Once you have registered and become a member, all NHLABORNET postings will automatically be forwarded to your email in-box. If you want to post a comment or question for all members of NHLABORNET, you simply send an email message to the special Internet address we will supply you. Our host computer will then send (via email) your message to everyone on NHLABORNET.

It is very important to remember that postings on the Internet are not confidential. Even though Sheehan Phinney asks members of NHLABORNET not to re-transmit information found on the bulletin board, you should not post any information that you would not want to be made public. It is also important to understand that postings on the bulletin board should not be treated as specific legal or professional advice. You should not act on the basis of information obtained from the bulletin board without careful consideration and consultation.

Thank you for your interest in NHLABORNET. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our moderator: Jim Reidy. Jim is an employment lawyer and the Chair of Sheehan Phinney’s of the Labor, Employment and Employee Benefits Group. Jim can be reached via phone at 603.627.8217 or via email


Application and Rules

1.  NHLABORNET: What is it? NHLABORNET is an electronic (email) discussion group. It is a list serve so messages and replies go out to the entire list. NHLABORNET was created and it is hosted by Sheehan Phinney. It is a free service. It was designed to address the needs and concerns of human resources professionals in New Hampshire. Participation in NHLABORNET (e.g., sending, responding to or simply reviewing posted messages) does not create an attorney-client relationship between the participant and Sheehan Phinney.

2.  How to become a Netter. To post a message on NHLABORNET you need to register by completing, signing and sending the application form to Sheehan Phinney as indicated below. Membership is free, but members must agree to abide by NHLABORNET rules.

3.  How to Post a Message. Once registered you may send a message to the subscription list by simply sending an email to All such messages will be sent to all active NHLABORNET members.

A. Proper Posting Procedures: Proper ID’s required. In order for you to properly post to NHLABORNET and receive messages, your “To” and “From” email addresses must be exactly the same. Alias addresses are refused.

4.  Not Legal Advice. NHLABORNET should not be considered as legal or professional advice. Action should not be taken on the basis of any posting without appropriate consultation with counsel.

5.  Messages are NOT Confidential: Be Careful! Postings on NHLABORNET should not be considered confidential. Avoid postings that contain details about individual employees, applicants or others. Postings identify you and your company. Be careful what you post. Messages go out to all Netters.

6.  Watch the REPLY button. This is a list-serve. As such, the “Reply Function” launches messages to the entire list. This is not the way email usually operates, so please be careful!

7.  For Members only please. Do not forward any information posted on NHLABORNET. Postings are for the information of NHLABORNET participants only. If postings were routinely forwarded to other parties, this would jeopardize the purposes of the discussion group.

8.  Courtesy and Professionalism are NHLABORNET Cornerstones. Discussion on NHLABORNET should be as pleasant and professional as possible. Personal attacks, put-downs, and profanity have no place in this discussion group. Further, political views and excessive pontification could result in an invitation to join the shouting heads on TV talk or radio talk shows or a report to the Vatican. Participants agree not to hold any party liable for information obtained on NHLABORNET. Violations of this rule can result in a gentle warning or an immediate loss of NHLABORNET privileges.

9.  “Just the facts Ma’am”. Be brief and precise in postings on NHLABORNET. Remember that you are asking your colleagues to use their valuable time to read and respond to your message. Make sure your message states the exact question you want answered.

10. Include a caption for each message. Limit postings on NHLABORNET to one subject at a time, and include a brief but meaningful “subject line.” Responses to questions should use the same subject line, so that the discussion “string” can be more easily followed.

11. No anonymous postings allowed. When posting a question or response on NHLABORNET, always include your name, title, and place of employment, email address, and telephone and fax numbers.

12. Off-line Messages. Sometimes it is preferable to respond privately to a question posted on NHLABORNET. In such cases, a fax, telephone call, or private email message should be used. Remember that if you use the Reply function on your email program when responding to a posting, your response will go to everyone on NHLABORNET. If you intended it to be a private message, this will be embarrassing to you and annoying to everyone else on NHLABORNET.

13. Other Administrative Postings. Not all messages should be sent to the list. Please properly direct your emails.

A. Emails to the Moderator or Systems Administrator. Messages to the NHLABORNET Moderator, Jim Reidy (e.g., “I’ll be out of the office” or “There seems to be a problem with my email”) should be sent directly to; NOT the entire list.

B. Changes in Membership Status/Address. All requests for changes to your account (i.e., email address changes, adds, deletions, vacation suspensions, etc.) must be made at least 48 hours prior to implementation.

14. No Soliciting PLEASE! Please do not use NHLABORNET for commercial or proprietary work. Advertising or soliciting of any type is not welcome, with the exception of vacancy notices in the human resource field or references to specifically helpful materials or programs.

A. Other job postings: Usually we limit job postings to HR and related jobs. However, until further notice we have relaxed those rules and permit all job postings as long as replies go directly to the employer or recruiter and not to the entire list. Finally, we will permit announcement about available talent /employees seeking work but only general descriptions of skills and abilities: no resumes or personal endorsements please. Again, replies should be direct and not to the entire list.

B. “No Salesperson will call!” Don’t Shop the list, self-promote or abuse the membership privilege! NHLABORNET is an HR Discussion group. It is not a billboard, dating pool or free form of advertising. While we encourage information exchanges be careful not to cross the line and use posts as a reason to try to hard sell your services to a Netter, strut your stuff or show your wares. Save it. If a Netter wants to contact you they will. Violations of this rule will be met with either a reminder, a stern warning or an “Oops, sorry you’re off of the list!”

15. “Sorry, No Answer.” Over the bounce limit/automatic unsubscribe. In the event that your email system fails or refuses email from NHLABORNET, you will automatically be un-subscribed from the list. Once the problem with your email system is corrected, it is your responsibility to contact the Moderator of NHLABORNET and request reinstatement.

16. Tell Your Friends and Colleagues about NHLABORNET. Share the news about NHLABORNET. However, please don’t share information about how to post messages with non-members. If you know people who want to know more about and join NHLABORNET please have them go to, go to “Publications” and click on “NHLABORNET”.

NHLaborNet Application

Any questions can be sent, via email, to Attorney Jim Reidy at: