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Our attorneys follow existing and closely monitor proposed cannabis laws and regulations throughout New England.   Our cannabis law group is comprised of experienced attorneys with unique insights to assist clients understand and navigate increasingly complex federal, state and local compliance issues associated with cannabis.

For years we have assisted clients with operations throughout the U.S. with their workplace policies with regard to employee marijuana use.  Closer to home, our work with clients in the states that border New Hampshire and elsewhere, has given us the experience to assist businesses and entrepreneurs interested in venturing into this growing industry.  Again, due to restrictions under current state law, our guidance to date in New Hampshire has been focused on workplace drug and alcohol policies and testing procedures, as well as related healthcare and possible reasonable accommodation issues related to medical marijuana use. Outside of New Hampshire we have assisted clients with business formation, local permitting and other issues related to the cultivation and sale of cannabis.  We expect as more states legalize recreational use of marijuana, the demand for business in New Hampshire will increase and the legal landscape will likely change.  Those legal issues could also change if the federal government legalizes marijuana or changes it classification under federal drug laws.  We are prepared to assist those clients when those changes happen.

In the meantime, our team of experienced lawyers regularly research, provide legal advice, and write about industry developments, challenges and best practices in this rapidly evolving area of the law.  Representative experience from our Cannabis Law Group includes:

  • Labor and Employment

    • Drug free workplace compliance
    • Updating handbook policies
    • Advising clients on drug testing
    • Guidance on medical marijuana accommodations
  • Healthcare/Regulatory

    • Navigating state agency and local permitting licensure
    • Post-licensing compliance
    • Evaluating cannabis treatment plans and alternatives
  • Corporate

    • Assisting clients with business formation, management agreements, contract drafting/negotiation and related tax matters
    • Providing clients guidance regarding joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions
  • Real Estate

    • Helping clients acquire growing, processing and dispensing properties
    • Assisting with local land use and zoning matters
  • Environmental

    • Helping clients comply with environmental regulations
    • Providing guidance on OSHA safety issues
  • Intellectual Property

    • Assisting with patent applications and prosecution
    • Trademark selection, registration, and infringement
    • Provide copyright counsel and services
    • Licensing
  • Litigation

    • Pre-litigation advice and guidance
    • Defending employment disputes related to workplace policies and procedures
    • Court challenges to state and local licensing decisions
    • Defense of enforcement and environmental actions
    • Patent litigation
    • Appellate counsel
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Practice Chair

James P. Reidy

Jim is the Co-Chair of the firm’s Labor and Employment Group. He practices in the areas of management side labor and employment law with an emphasis on assisting employers with