Practice AreaComplex Litigation

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Sheehan Phinney’s Complex Litigation Group handles class action, mass tort, and multi-district litigation cases of regional and national significance on behalf of clients from a broad array of industries.

Often, in these complicated “bet the company” litigations, a combination of law and science provides the path to victory, whether through settlement or by verdict at trial.  We work collaboratively with our clients from the outset to build a deep, thorough, and sophisticated knowledge of your business and to build the evidentiary record through the collection of ESI and other means.  We then engage deeply with our retained experts to immerse ourselves in the science, which enables us to challenge opposing scientific or economic experts effectively and, ultimately, to present our case with a depth of understanding that  leads to genuine credibility.

In these high-pressure, high-stakes litigations, we seek to provide the unique combination of a thorough understanding of your business, the underlying science, the applicable law, your goals and objectives, and our creativity to help navigate the disruptive challenge that these cases can bring to your business.