Practice AreaIP Portfolio Structuring & Audits

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It is important for business owners to maximize the value of their intellectual property assets. We can assist with helping you properly structure your IP portfolio so that you have a beneficial mix of IP assets. We also cannot it your IP portfolio to help you determine IP assets that I no longer beneficial for you to maintain, as well as point out areas where it would be appropriate for you to bolster your IP portfolio for maximum protection and leveraging. Some IP assets, such as trademarks, must be used properly in order to maintain your rights in them. Likewise, there are specific benefits deriving from using various IP notices and symbols correctly (and some particular downsides that arise from improper usage). An audit of your marketing materials, contracts, packaging and the like will assist you in determining changes that need to be made in this area. Furthermore, our IP attorneys, along with our transactional attorneys, can assist you in structuring strategic business alliances to leverage your IP portfolio, and where appropriate, to benefit from the IP portfolios of others.