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It goes without saying that e-commerce continues to gain dominance in the commercial marketplace. Contracting through the Internet creates a number of challenges that are not present with paper-based signed agreements. We can help you maneuver through this complex “web” to our significant experience in this area. Our services include drafting and negotiating Web development agreements, Web hosting agreements, ASP/SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS agreements, among others.  We also can assist with domain name transfers. If you have a website, and particularly if you collect personal information of visitors to your website or transact business through the website, it is important for you to have both terms of use and a privacy policy. We will work with you to create the appropriate documentation in light of your particular circumstances.

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Practice Chair

Brian D. Thomas

As both an intellectual property attorney and business litigator, Brian helps entrepreneurs and organizations of all sizes establish, protect and enforce their intellectual property in the United States and abroad.