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Patents are important strategic tools in today’s business environment; and understanding patents has never been more important.  Our patent attorneys make it their business to understand patents and welcome the opportunity to assist our clients in virtually all aspects of patent law across a wide range of technology spaces.

Our patent attorneys can help you harvest valuable patenting opportunities, and secure patent protection in the United States and beyond. We can help you leverage your patent rights against competitors by sending cease and desist letters, negotiating strategic licensing agreements, or enforcing your patent rights in a court of law. We can help you understand and manage risk posed by competitors’ patents to your own commercialization efforts.  If necessary, we can help you clear the path to commercialization by designing around a competitor’s patents, helping you to secure access to the underlying technology through a strategic patent licensing agreement, or by challenging validity of the competitor’s patents either before the Patent Office or in a court of law.  If necessary, we can help defend you against charges of patent infringement.  We can also provide due diligence support in the context of corporate transactions or otherwise.

We have represented clients in a wide range of technology spaces including computer hardware and software, electronic, electrical and electromechanical systems and components, medical devices, consumer products, mechanical systems and components, optical devices, business methods, and more.