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Your authorship of creative and original works provides you with valuable copyrights. While many copyright registrations are straightforward and it is more efficient for you to handle those yourself, other types of registrations (e.g., to protect certain databases or websites) are sometimes complex. We can assist you with the registration process in the United States Copyright Office. Through our network of law firms, Lex Mundi, we work closely with international firms who are able to assist with registering your copyrights abroad. Whether you have been accused of infringement of another’s copyrights or are seeking to enforce your own, we have substantial experience in resolving those disputes from the cease-and-desist letter phase, through mediation and arbitration, and ultimately via litigation if necessary. We have handled numerous copyright takedown notices under the DMCA, and have utilized that procedure effectively to enforce our clients’ rights, including in situations where it was difficult if not impossible to reach the individual infringers.