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Across the country, plaintiff’s attorneys continue to file a record number of Class Action cases on behalf of consumers of products and services of many of the nation’s most well-known companies.  These lawsuits are often damaging to the reputation and brand of the business, and typically attempt to use the Class Action as leverage to compel a company to reduce its risk in an early settlement of the case.  Sheehan Phinney lawyers have substantial experience defending class actions and, as a mid-size New England firm, we bring lawyering on par with much larger firms, along with extensive local experience, thorough knowledge of local law and class action practice. Our goal is simple: to guide you through the challenging and high-stakes process, help manage the risk associated with class actions, and to dispose of the case at least possible cost and disruption to the business.

One of many advantages we offer is our considerable investment in litigation technology. For nearly a decade Sheehan Phinney has been at the forefront of electronic discovery management.  During that time, our team has processed, analyzed, and produced over 200 million electronic documents.  We’ve handled large multi-jurisdictional cases for multi-national corporations and substantial matters for more local clients, including state and government agencies and educational institutions.  We start with Relativity, the gold standard electronic discovery software.  We then ensconce all discovery information safely behind our sophisticated firewall so that data never leaves our secure network.  We employ our resident Relativity Certified Expert, Charles Stewart, to work with our IT professionals, lawyers, and paralegals to help manage the discovery process.

With Relativity, our firm is able quickly and efficiently to eliminate massive amounts of unimportant electronically stored information without requiring excessive attorney review and resulting fees.  The resulting data is then indexed using artificial intelligence and other analytics and a unique algorithm that we build based upon the language of the collected documents.  All of this translates into cost savings for the client.

From the moment a suit is threatened, we will guide you through the process and the options of early motion practice, resistance to class certification, settlement, or litigation of the case.

Examples of our firm’s Class Action experience include:

Freunscht v. BankNorth Group, et al., Docket No. 03-C-0904 (Hillsborough County, Southern District, NH) (insurance premium refund);

Pelchat v. Citizens Bank, NH, et al., Docket No. 03-C-0905 (Hillsborough County, Southern District, NH) (insurance premium refund);

Amoche v. Guarantee Trust Life Ins. Company, Docket No. 04-C-0255 (Hillsborough County, Southern District, NH) (insurance premium refund);

Carter v. North Central Life Ins. Company, Civil Action No. 1:05-CV-399-JD (D. NH) (insurance premium refund);

Amoche v. Guarantee Trust Life Ins. Company, Civil Action No. 1:07-CV- 371-JD (D. NH) (insurance premium refund);

Neal v. XL Life Ins. & Annuity Co., Docket No. 04-C-834 (Hillsborough County, Northern District) (insurance premium refund);

Cahill v. XL Life Ins. & Annuity Co., Civil Action No 1:06-CV-0081-SM (D. NH) (insurance premium refund);

Crowe v. ExamWorks, Inc., Civil Action No. 1:13-cv-10249-DPW (D. Mass.) (federal and state law wage and hour violation; FLSA collective action, and Rule 23 class action);

Carpenter v. Simply Wireless, et al. for Defendant Surge Resources, 1981-cv-0239H (Wage and Hour);

Farrin v. Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC, 15-cv-00145-JL (D.N.H.) (Fair Credit Reporting);

Amanda D. et al. and U.S. v.  State of New Hampshire, Civil Action No. 12-cv-00053-SM (D.N.H.) (ADA and Rehabilitation Act);

In re: Dial Complete Marketing and Sales Practices Litigation, Civil Action No. 11-cv-2263 (D.N.H.) (false advertising and consumer protection);

Hillard v. DaimlerChrysler Servs., Docket No. 06-C-0332 (Hillsborough County, Northern District, NH) (insurance premium refund);

Cameron v. Ford Motor Credit Company, Docket No. 05-cv-00153-JD (D.N.H.) (insurance premium refund);

Poore v. American Honda Finance Corp., Docket No. 04-C-922 (Hillsborough County, Northern District, NH (insurance premium refund)