The Faces of Affordable Housing

Sheehan Phinney’s Affordable Housing team was featured in the Faces of New Hampshire special section of NH Magazine. Read the full article here.

Sheehan's Affordable Housing team
Sheehan’s Affordable Housing team (L to R) Sue Manchester, Ken Viscarello, Greg Chakmakas, Val April, Chloe Golden, Margaret Probish

For more than 25 years, Sheehan Phinney has represented developers in the creation and preservation of affordable multi-family housing communities throughout New England. We consider ourselves lucky, and are grateful for the opportunity to assist our wonderful clients in their mission to bring affordable housing to New Hampshire. To our clients, thank you for allowing Sheehan Phinney be part of your mission to help build communities, create opportunities and improve the lives of so many more deserving citizens of New Hampshire. Your work is the cornerstone of our future. Without affordable, stable housing, people cannot prosper and contribute to our society. In addition, we all know that lack of affordable housing is a barrier to economic growth, because, simply put, employers need employees. Like you, we understand that the stigma and associated barriers that accompany almost every affordable housing development. Unfortunately, there are still too many people who, while they may applaud the programs in general, do not want it in their communities. Thank you again for never being deterred or stifled in your drive to create not just places to live, but homes for the residents of New Hampshire.