Opinion: New Class of Legal Professionals Could Help Close Justice Gap

By: Karen Stevens

In his article “Help for the Unrepresented: A Look at a New Approach”, published in the Sept. 21, 2016, issue of Bar News,  attorney Chuck Douglas advocates for the use of non-lawyer legal professionals to close the justice gap in New Hampshire. In contemplating how to provide low-income, unrepresented litigants with the legal help they need, he suggests that, “Just urging lawyers to take more pro bono cases is not going to solve the problem…”

I couldn’t agree more, and as a paralegal in New Hampshire, I would like to add that many paralegals are already in a position to play a role in bridging the justice gap. Paralegals already handle substantial legal work, and in a limited capacity, we could provide significant assistance to unrepresented litigants.

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