NH Child Care Recovery and Stabilization Program Deadlines Established: Prequalification Deadline is June 3, 2020 and Application Deadline is June 11, 2020


By: Chris Candon

May 29, 2020

Along with the establishment of several other funds (e.g., Main Street Fund, Nonprofit Fund, Healthcare Fund and Agriculture Grants), the Governor’s Office for Emergency Relief and Recovery (“GOEFRR”) has authorized the allocation and expenditure of an initial $20 million with $5 million in reserve in emergency funding from the CARES Act Coronavirus Relief Fund to provide emergency financial support to NH child care programs due to the economic disruption caused by COVID-19.  The NH Child Care Recovery and Stabilization Program (CCRSP) will provide funding and support to eligible child care programs to assist in the recovery and stabilization process.

As set forth on the GOEFRR website, the process for qualifying and obtaining allocated funds has two steps: prequalification and application for funding.  The prequalification deadline has an application that must be submitted on or before June 3, 2020.  The application for funding will be made available on June 4, 2020 and must be submitted on or before June 11, 2020.

Step 1:  Prequalification:  As a prequalification step to be eligible for recovery and stabilization funding, NH child care programs must apply to be a designated Emergency Child Care Program (ECCP) on or before June 3, 2020.  If your program has not yet been designated as an ECCP, you can complete the brief ECCP application.

Step 2:  Application for Funding:  The CCRSP application will be available on June 4, 2020 on the Child Care Aware of NH website.  If a child care program does not submit a CCRSP application by the June 11, 2020 deadline, it will not be considered for funding. Submitting the required information does not guarantee that a program will receive CCRSP funds.  Eligibility criteria will be based on several factors, including (but not limited to): lost revenues due to COVID-19; receipt of other financial support (e.g., the Paycheck Protection Program, Child Care Development Funds, ECCP Incentive Payments, etc.); and the program’s sustainability plan when CCRSP funding ends.