Don’t Forget About Cybersecurity with Increased Telecommuting and the Holiday Season

This article was originally published in Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly and the full version can be found here.

Michael Lambert and James P. Harris |  October 18, 2021

In the last year and a half, many businesses have significantly increased the number of telecommuters to implement social distancing in response to the COVD-19 outbreak. Increasing outside access to the company’s network and dispersing access to company data to more remote workers increases legal risk that must be managed. Data privacy and security laws remain in effect through the Coronavirus pandemic, and even if those laws are relaxed, financial pressures mandate vigilance through this period of unrest. In addition, the holiday season poses increased risk for companies regardless of whether your office has not returned to full time in person work. There are steps that companies can take to mitigate the risks that the upcoming holidays pose…