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Webinar Series

In response to the COVID-19 crisis and evolving legal issues, Sheehan Phinney has launched a complimentary webinar series on topics that are impacting all businesses. Register for upcoming webinars or listen to past webinars to keep informed on the latest developments and business strategies for responding to the crisis.


Upcoming Webinars

Various Dates - Data Security Webinar Series: Bracing your Business for the Future

October 29, 2020 - 32nd Annual (Reboot) Employment Law Seminar Webinar Series – Part 1

November 4, 2020 - Human Resources Exchange Webinar: Managing Remote Workers and Avoiding FFCRA/COVID-Related Retaliation

November 19, 2020 - 32nd Annual (Reboot) Employment Law Seminar Webinar Series – Part 2


Past Webinars

October 15, 2020 (recorded) - Lessons Learned: Transitioning to a Remote Workforce and Online Business for the Long Term

October 7, 2020 (recorded) - Human Resources Exchange Webinar: Virtual Screening and Hiring Practices

September 9, 2020 (recorded) - Human Resources Exchange Webinar: Managing a Safe Return to the Workplace

May 20, 2020 (recorded) - Update on PPP Loans and Forgiveness: What We Know Now

May 13, 2020 (recorded) - Construction Projects and the Coronavirus - Common Issues in Construction Contracts

May 8, 2020 (recorded) - Before the Economy Reopens: Answers to Workplace Questions (Part 2 of 2); PowerPoint Slides

May 6, 2020 (recorded) - Changes to Health Care Laws, Regulations, and Enforcement Priorities in Response to COVID-19

May 1, 2020 (recorded) - Before the Economy Reopens: Answers to Workplace Questions (Part 1 of 2)

April 30, 2020 (recorded, NHBR) - Real Estate in the Time of Coronavirus

April 29, 2020 (recorded) - Focusing on the Financial Considerations for Businesses During the COVID-19 Crisis

April 22, 2020 (recorded) - A Look at Timely COVID-19 Related Employment Law Issues

April 15, 2020 (recorded) - Navigating Through the Stimulus Package and Other Confusing COVID-19 Business Challenges


Recent Posts 

SBA Provides New Guidance For PPP Loan Borrower Ownership Changes (Paul Reuland & Colleen Lyons, 10/8/2020)

Treasury Department Issues Guidance Regarding Trump Administration’s Payroll Tax Deferral Program (Peter Beach, 8/31/2020)

COVID-19 and Massachusetts Retail Leases (MLW, Damon Seligson, 8/20/2020)

SBA PPP Forgiveness Platform Scheduled to Go Live August 10, 2020 (Colleen Lyons, 7/29/2020)

Telehealth Law Signals a “New Normal” (NHBR, Andrew Eills, 7/24/2020)

PPP Loan Application Deadline Extended and Conforming Updates to Previously Issued Interim Guidance (Colleen Lyons, 7/9/2020)

Governor Sununu Extends Long Term Care Stabilization Program to July 31, 2020 - Original End Date of June 30 Recognized as Too Early (Andrew Eills, 6/26/2020)

COVID-19 Impacts on Opportunity Zone Investment Requirements (Peter Beach, 6/17/2020)

2018 Net Operating Loss Carryback Filing Deadline - June 30, 2020 (Peter Beach, 6/17/2020)

Forgiveness of PPP Loans May Be Taxable in NH and MA (Peter Beach, 6/17/2020)

Secretary Of State’s Select Committee On 2020 Emergency Election Support Issues Report (Bradford Cook & Katherine Hanna, 6/10/2020)


Key Topics for Businesses

Telehealth Law Signals a “New Normal” (NHBR, Andrew Eills, 7/24/2020)

Forgiveness of PPP Loans May Be Taxable in NH and MA (Peter Beach, 6/17/2020)

Overview of May PPP Loan Forgiveness Regulations (Colleen Lyons, 6/5/2020)

N.H. Attorney General Concludes Employers Will Not Be Liable to Employees for Workers’ Compensation Benefits If Employers Follow Published Guidelines  (J.P. Harris, 5/26/2020)

Will Your Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy Cover COVID-19 Claims? (J.P. Harris & Michael Lambert, 5/15/2020)

When Business Resumes, What Responsibilities Will Companies Have to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19? (J.P. Harris, 4/10/2020)


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