COVID-19 Client Advisories: Business/Finance


May 20, 2020 (recorded) – Update on PPP Loans and Forgiveness: What We Know Now

April 15, 2020 (recorded) – Navigating Through the Stimulus Package and Other Confusing COVID-19 Business Challenges

April 29, 2020 (recorded) – Focusing on the Financial Considerations for Businesses During the COVID-19 Crisis

Recent Posts

SBA PPP Forgiveness Platform Scheduled to Go Live August 10, 2020 (Colleen Lyons, 7/29/2020)

PPP Loan Application Deadline Extended and Conforming Updates to Previously Issued Interim Guidance (Colleen Lyons, 7/9/2020)

COVID-19 Impacts on Opportunity Zone Investment Requirements (Peter Beach, 6/17/2020)

2018 Net Operating Loss Carryback Filing Deadline – June 30, 2020 (Peter Beach, 6/17/2020)

Forgiveness of PPP Loans May Be Taxable in NH and MA (Peter Beach, 6/17/2020)

New Hampshire Main Street Relief Fund – Final Grant Submission Due by June 12, 2020 (Paul Durham, 6/9/2020)

Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act Becomes Law (Paul Reuland & Colleen Lyons, 6/5/2020)

Overview of May PPP Loan Forgiveness Regulations (Colleen Lyons, 6/5/2020)

NH Child Care Recovery and Stabilization Program Deadlines Established: Prequalification Deadline is June 3, 2020 and Application Deadline is June 11, 2020 (Christopher Candon, 5/29/20)

New Hampshire COVID-19 Relief Grants Agriculture Grant Program (Mark Dell’Orfano, 5/28/2020)

N.H. Attorney General Concludes Employers Will Not Be Liable to Employees for Workers’ Compensation Benefits If Employers Follow Published Guidelines  (J.P. Harris, 5/26/2020)

New Hampshire Nonprofit Emergency Relief and Recovery Fund Announced (Madeline Hutchings, 5/22/2020)

New Hampshire Main Street Relief Fund – Important May 29, 2020 Prequalification Deadline For Eligible Businesses (Paul Durham, 5/20/2020)

Application for PPP Loan Forgiveness Released (Colleen Lyons, 5/18/2020)

Will Your Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy Cover COVID-19 Claims? (J.P. Harris & Michael Lambert, 5/15/2020)

PPP Safe Harbor Deadline for Return of Funds Extended to May 18 (Christopher Candon, 5/14/2020)

Treasury Department and SBA Issues Further Guidance in Advance of Safe Harbor Deadline (Christopher Candon, 5/13/2020)

PPP Safe Harbor for Return of Funds Set to Expire on May 14 (Christopher Candon, 5/12/2020)

Massachusetts Places a Moratorium on Evictions and Residential Foreclosures (Michael Stanley, 4/22/2020)

Use of PPP Loan Proceeds and Forgiveness (Colleen Lyons, 4/19/2020)

Main Street Loan Programs-Relief for Businesses with up to 10,000 Employees or up to $2.5 Billion in 2019 Annual Revenues (Margaret Probish, 4/19/2020)

CARES Act Amends Bankruptcy Code To Allow More Small Businesses To Take Advantage Of New Streamlined Chapter 11 Process (James LaMontagne, 4/19/2020)

NH Legal Perspective: A Primer on PPP Loan Forgiveness, Forbearance Agreements and Small Business Bankruptcy (James LaMontagne, 4/18/2020)

SBA Issues PPP Loan Guidance for Self-Employed Individuals (Colleen Lyons, 4/16/2020)

SBA Loan Options Under EIDL and PPP Programs (Colleen Lyons & Paul Reuland, 4/15/2020)

New Emergency Order – New Hampshire Agencies Temporarily Extend Some Compliance Deadlines and Requirements, Starting with Environmental Programs (Tom Burack, Lynn Preston & Robert Cheney, 4/10/2020)

When Business Resumes, What Responsibilities Will Companies Have to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19? (J.P. Harris, 4/10/2020)

The Importance of Being Proactive for Tenants, Landlords and Lenders (Bruce Bagdasarian, 4/10/2020)

Cares Act Protections for Borrowers and Tenants (Joel Kinney, 4/6/2020)

SBA Issues Interim Final Rules and Final Form of Application for Paycheck Protection Program (Colleen Lyons, 4/3/2020)

CARES Act Provides Benefits to Nonprofit Organizations (Alexander Pyle, 4/2/2020)

Commercial Loan Defaults Resulting from the COVID-19 Pandemic-Work it Out (Margaret Probish, 4/2/2020)

Paycheck Protection Program Application Process and Guidelines Established (Colleen Lyons, 4/1/2020)

NH Attorney General Permits Not-For-Profit Boards to Meet Remotely During State of Emergency (J.P. Harris, 3/31/2020)

Paycheck Protection Program (Colleen Lyons, 3/28/2020)

Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Discretion During the COVID-19 Pandemic (Tom Burack, Lynn Preston & Robert Lucic, 3/27/2020)

New Hampshire Orders Workplace Closures, Orders Residents to Stay Home (Alexander Pyle, 3/27/2020)

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (The Cares Act) (3/27/2020)

COVID-19: Key Considerations for Business Owners and Managers (Paul Reuland & Alex Pyle, 3/26/2020)

Don’t Forget About Cybersecurity with Increased Telecommuting (J.P. Harris, 3/25/2020)

Don’t Be Discouraged by “Your Insurance Does Not Cover This” (Michael Lambert, 3/24/2020)

Massachusetts Orders Workplace Closures and Restricts Gatherings of More Than 10 (Alexander Pyle, 3/24/2020)

Federal Government Joins New Hampshire In Prohibiting Foreclosures (James LaMontagne, 3/23/2020)

Government’s Ability to Sway Insurance Coverage for COVID-19 Losses is Limited (Michael Lambert, 3/23/2020)

Recent Actions to Support Small Massachusetts Businesses Affected by COVID-19 (Alexander Pyle, 3/23/2020)

Critical Lease Issues in COVID-19 Crisis (Bruce Bagdasarian, 3/20/2020)

Force Majeure and Contract Considerations During the Coronavirus Pandemic (Paul Durham & Mark Dell’Orfano, 3/20/2020)

Insurance Coverage Issues Abound (Michael Lambert, 3/20/2020)

US SBA Offers Financial Assistance to Businesses Impacted by Coronavirus (Paul Reuland, 3/19/2020)

Federal Government Takes Fiscal Actions to Reduce Impact of COVID-19 on Businesses (Mark Dell’Orfano & Peter Beach, 3/18/2020)

SBA Announces Disaster-Assistance Loan Program in Response to Coronavirus (Christopher Candon, 3/13/2020)

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