Industries Manufacturers

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Our attorneys know that manufacturing has unique legal considerations and challenges. We believe that manufacturing is the bedrock on which our economy is based. It is an engine of growth that fuels other businesses and helps create jobs. America cannot have a strong economy without a solid manufacturing base, and that is just one of the reasons we are committed to helping manufacturing businesses succeed.

We have spent years working with manufacturers and we have gained a unique perspective into the concerns of manufacturers. Perhaps you spend your days worrying about exchange rates and whether a competitor is getting the jump on a cutting edge innovation that is important to your business, or struggling with the inability to find enough trained talent for your new-hire needs. Maybe you are wondering whether you can give that customer the preferential pricing the customer is demanding, or why your customer multiple time zones away hasn’t paid and what you can do about it. Maybe you’re grappling with the fact that you really need your bank to include those export-derived receivables in your lending base, or that you need the bank to to help with the fact that your business is growing more rapidly than your cashflow can support. Booking sales doesn’t matter if you can’t buy the raw materials you need to fill those orders.

We understand these obstacles, and we help clients deal with them every day. You deserve counsel that understands the unique challenges faced by manufacturing businesses.