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of counsel | Manchester, NH

Amit has a unique background and experience that makes him an excellent resource and partner in procurement of patents, as well as providing guidance to ensure non-infringement and design around currently available technologies and prior art. He has a Ph.D. in electrical engineering, was a practicing electrical engineer as a developer of electrical generation and communication systems, prior to serving as a patent attorney, and was an examiner with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for six years (one year prior to being a Primary). Amit’s background and experience brings a unique perspective of understanding many aspects of the patenting process.

Amit’s background as an electrical engineer, has enabled him to work with large-current (e.g., electricity generation and transmission) and a small-current (e.g., communication systems, electronics and signal processing) electrical engineering as well as many concepts of physics and mechanical engineering. He excels at working with inventors and developers seeking patent protection in virtually all other fields, such as electrical, mechanical and computer sciences areas. In addition, Amit supports mid-sized and large-sized businesses and research/academic organizations.


  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • United State Patent and Trademark Office

Civic Involvement

  • Volunteering at local Senior or Assisted Living Facility


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